Wednesday, December 17, 2008

My NBA Experience!

As soon as I walked into the doors of the Toyota Center, I was hypnotized. I didn't even wanna look for my seats, I just wanted to see the court.

It was about an hour and 20 minutes before tip-off and I couldn't believe my eyes. There they were, the people I want to win more than anything in the world. Scola and Battier (among others) were out there warming up before the actual warm ups. Battier was sinking every shot like he was throwing a rock into an ocean. Scola looked to the stands to wave at some fans chanting his name. (I think he was extra excited because it was Scola wig night)

So we went to the store inside the arena and then went to our seats. Not the greatest seats in the world, but I couldn't believe how good of a view it was. I was expecting much less.

For about 30 minutes, I had my sights locked in on Ron Artest and Chauncey Billups going 1 on 1 with coaches. (On opposite sides of the court) The difficulty of the shots that they were taking were insane. The way they were shooting, I thought they were both gonna have huge games.

Fast Forward to tip-off. The first half of the game involved huge ups and downs. I was shocked how neither team looked rattled when down double digits. They were just so focused on executing.

Half time was very nice. They had a presentation for the long time Rockets radio broadcasters.

The second half was all Rockets. I looked up in the 3rd quarter and Tracy already had a triple double and Yao had something like 24 points. The Nuggets just had no answer for Yao. Both teams shot fantastic percentages. Billups didn't have a good game at all. He had trouble with the very fast play of Aaron Brooks.

The final score was 108-96. I still can't believe I was there. Watching it on tv doesn't do it justice. How quick they were, and the great defense is missed on tv. Things like weak side help and close outs on shots were amazing to me. Also the quickness of Yao Ming is unfathomable. Everyone thinks he's just some slow stiff, but wow is he quick. On the offensive end mostly, but also on help defense.

It will probably be the greatest team I will ever see with my eyes. The collection of talent is insane. I will see them again, hopefully against Lebron James.


Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Astros Baseball

Don't get too excited with this team.

I've lowered my expectations after seeing the second half of last season.

They plan to cut about 25 million off the payroll, so no improvement with the pitching.

Wiggington is already gone, Tejada might be next.

No upgrades at 3rd, catcher or starting pitching.

I believe in the GM, but not with such a huge payroll cut.

That big money to Oswalt, Lee, Berkman and Tejada doesn't look so good now does it?

I was always against signing Lee and I thought Tejada was overpayed. Looks like I was right.

About not being excited for those Cowboys...

I take it back!!!!!!!!!

Sunday, December 7, 2008

I'm done with "them Cowboys"

The Dallas Cowboys just lost a game to the Steelers that was practically over in the 3rd quarter. Good going Romo. Good going defense. Good job coaches. Great ownership Jerry.

I'm done. You should have seen me when the Cowboys were up 10. I was running around screaming. That's how much I want them to win. That's how much I want Romo to win so that everyone will get off of his record after November. Not anymore.

I have always had high hopes, every game I watch. I'm not going to be disappointed anymore.

Some might say that I don't have it that bad, I mean the Cowboys have won 5 Super Bowls. I've never been a part of one. At least with the Rockets and Astros, everything doesn't depend on one game. It's a long season and alot of games in the playoffs.

I wanted Witten, Romo, Barber, and Ware to get a championship. But they have done nothing to deserve it. At least McNabb has won some huge games. I hate that guy, but he has done something the Cowboys haven't in a while. Almost every team has done something.

When they come on, I'll probably still watch them...but not like I did. It's not worth the disappointment.

Sunday, November 23, 2008

Manning and Harrison

Do the Colts look like the team that won a Super Bowl two years ago? No

Is Peyton Manning having a great season? No

Does Harrison come out of his routes like he use to? No

Are the Colts still a Super Bowl contender? Yes

Going into tonight's game against the Chargers, Manning had 17 TD's and 9 Int's. Not too impressive, but good enough. Those numbers (plus what he did tonight) have been enough to get them a 7-4 record. With Reggie Wayne alongside Marvin Harrison, Peyton Manning will always be Peyton Manning. It has taken them a little while to get completely healthy, but it's coming around at the right time. People should be ashamed for counting them out. Manning and Harrison will go into the Hall Of Fame, and they will be remembered as one of the greatest duo's in history. They are the Batman & Robin of the NFL. (The comic books not the Batman & Robin movie)

When they get to the playoffs, are you confident they will lose because they have lost a step? Or will that championship experience jump out at you? I don't know if the Colts will make it all the way, but they have as good of a chance as any team in the AFC. Manning and Harrison can keep this going as long as they want, and I hope they will.
P.S. I called what happened to McNabb and the Titans

Friday, November 21, 2008

Titans Fo Real Yo?

I think he wants another drink.

The Tennessee Titans might end up going 16-0. Going into the playoffs, it would seem that they are the team to beat in the AFC.

I don't feel as confident about them the way everyone else does. They have had a pretty soft schedule so far, but i give them credit for winning every game in front of them. They had some big wins against the Colts and Jaguars.

That defense is really good. I can't say it's the best though. They are around the top with teams like the Giants and Bucs.

Kerry Collins has been amazing so far. When their running game is stopped, he has delivered.

Does anyone think that is gonna last? When White and Johnson are running, they are pretty tough to beat. But the run game has already been stopped alot this season, and by lesser teams. Jeff Fisher is one of the better coaches in the league and I think that they will be competitive in every game because of him, but lets get serious about this.

Would you put money on it that they would beat Peyton Manning in the playoffs? How about those fiesty Patriots? What about the Jets and Brett Favre? I'm just saying that when the Titans can't run the ball in the playoffs, it will be trouble. All the teams I just mentioned will take advantage of them.

Would Vince Young change my mind about this? Probably not. Chances of them winning it all might get a little better because of his playmaking ability, but this team just doesn't have enough. They aren't the Ravens of years ago. They aren't the Bucs of years ago either. When they get some WR's and get that offensive line to play consistently...they will be the team that everyone thinks they are right now.

Thursday, November 20, 2008

Donovan McNabb is Overrated!

If you turn on ESPN, listen to talk radio, or read your newspaper, all you will see is how everyone is drinking the McNabb kool-aid. Everyone thinks that Donovan McNabb is a game changer. With him in the lineup, they can't lose right?

In McNabb's career (which could be almost over after this year), he has accumulated these numbers.

  • 28,115 passing yards

  • 185 TD's and 87 INT's

  • 3000 rushing yards to go along with 25 rushing TD's

Do you know what kind of quarterbacks have those kind of numbers?

  • Mark Brunell has 31,826 passing yards. (More than McNabb) Brunell has rushed for 2,433 yards as well.

  • Trent Green passed for 28,256 yards.

  • Jeff Garcia has rushed for 25 TD's

I would've put Culpepper on that list but he had Randy Moss. These three quarterbacks are all very comparable to Donovan McNabb. Not much help around them, with good numbers.

McNabb has only had 3 seasons of over 20 TD's (his best with Terrell Owens). And to be completely honest, i can never remember McNabb leading his team to a victory in the last two minutes of a game. I do remember alot of games that McNabb blew though. (A monday night game against my Cowboys and the Super Bowl) Right now I could name 6 quarterbacks better than McNabb currently in the NFL.

  • Manning, Brady, Brees, Warner, Favre, Big Ben, Other Manning

McNabb is in the class with Romo, Pennington, Palmer, Cutler and Garcia.

He is a second tier quarterback. But when it is all over with, he will probably get into the Hall Of Fame because of how much everyone loves him. When in reality, he is nothing more than a 12 year quarterback that was never a winner. Terrell Owens, Brian Westbrook, Jim Johnson and Andy Reid made McNabb look really good. Puking with the game on the line and not knowing when overtime ends, make him look really bad.

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Welcome back friend!

The Cowboys are 6-4. After listening to every damn person that put them in a box and poured dirt over it, I feel a sense of hope. I doubted the Cowboys organization, and I still doubt it a little bit.

A new feeling of hope is something i haven't felt in a while. (Since last years playoff game against the Giants) The injuries, coaching, signs of a desperate owner, missed seemed like it would never end.

It has ended for now. These next few weeks i will most likely be rejoicing the victories we will have against the 49ers and Seahawks.

Unless we lose one of those games, my hope will be alive.

December will be the defining moment of this team. (Which is saying alot after all the things that have happened so far)

The last four games will determine alot of things.

  1. Chances of going to/winning the postseason

  2. How long it will be until that son of a Bum is gone

  3. Romo as a leader

  4. If Jessica Simpson really is a curse

But all of that worry will have to wait until after Thanksgiving. Go Cowboys!

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

It's Panic Time Cowboys Fans!!!

A couple of weeks ago I wrote that it's not time to panic. The Cowboys were 4-1 with a few little problems that could have easily been fixed.


At 4-3, it's still not time to completely give up. We're getting there though. Dallas has been outplayed by the Redskins, Bengals, Cardinals, and Rams. 2 of those teams shouldve been blwn out. It just proves what I said the day that the Cowboys announced the replacement for Bill Parcells.

Wade Phillips isn't a head coach. He is a great defensive coach, but can't be the leader of teh Cowboys. When there are no players that step up (Romo should step up vocally but doesn't) the coach has to squeeze everything he can out of a talented football team with no leader. Our defense looks puzzled in the secondary. The front four can't get any pressure, aside from Demarcus Ware. Our offense doesn't have any quick plays. No comeback routes, no quick slants. Nothing. Our offensive line blocks very well when they want to. On top of all of the problems, more problems get stacked on top.

Injuries to Romo, Newman, Williams (the safety), Hurd, Jones, Kosier, Watkins, Mcbriar...

I haven't seen any adversity these last few weeks. It has shown alot about this team, and these next two games will tell us if they have a chance to survive. Will they go down kicking and screaming? Or will they just go down?

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Week 7 NFL Picks!!!

Last week I was 8-6. I did call the Rams upset though.

Chargers @ Bills - Tomlinson is looking better. I'm not drinking the Bills yet. Chargers Win

Saints @ Panthers - I wanna see this game badly. Panthers need to show life after a horrible game. Saints win

Vikings @ Bears - I don't know. Both offenses are terrible. I'll go with the Bears at home.

Steelers @ Bengals - Duh!!! Steelers

Titans @ Chiefs - Titans stay undefeated

Ravens @ Dolphins - Not much of an upset, but the Dolphins pull it out

49ers @ Giants - Eli Manning is the key to winning and losing. If he can keep the turnovers down, they will win easy. Giants win

Cowboys @ Rams - Everything points to the Rams winning. But i can't do it. Cowboys win barely

Lions @ Texans - Lions might go winless. Texans win

Colts @ Packers - Don't dismiss Peyton Manning. He still has alot of gas in the tank. Colts win

Jets @ Raiders - Jets win. Favre is on a high right now

Browns @ Redskins - Can the Browns win against the Giants and Redskins? Probably not. Redskins win

Seahawks @ Bucs - Bucs look great with Garcia and that defense. Bucs win

Broncos @ Patriots - Patriots bounce back. Patriots win

Friday, October 10, 2008

Week 6 NFL Picks!

Bears @ Falcons - Two teams that i'm not sold on, I'll give the edge to the Bears

Dolphins @ Texans - Texans came close last week, this week they will hold on. Texans win

Ravens @ Colts - Peyton Manning has to win this game. He will carry them. Colts win

Lions @ Vikings - I can't pick the lions ever again. Vikings win

Raiders @ Saints - Saints rebound from their horrible loss. Saints win

Bengals @ Jets - I'm on the Favre bandwagon. Jets win

Panthers @ Bucs - Gonna be a great game to watch. Panthers grind it out

Rams @ Redskins - Upset time. Rams will show that the Redskins aren't the team everyone thinks they are. Rams win

Jags @ Broncos - Neither defense has played that well. Broncos will put up more points though

Cowboys @ Cardinals - As a Cowboys fan, I don't know how they will react to everything that has happened recently. The Cowboys are a better team though. Cowboys win, but I wouldn't be suprised if it was a different outcome.

Eagles @ 49ers - Eagles win

Packers @ Seahawks - Seahawks are a different beast at home. They pull it out at the end

Patriots @ Chargers - Chargers must win, and i think they'll do so

Giants @ Browns - Giants are a complete football team right now. Giants slaughter

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

It's ok Cowboys fans!!! Calm Down!!!

Is there a such thing as a horrible 4-1 team? Span that out to an entire season and the team is 12-4, think that won't be good enough for the playoffs? Everybody just needs to step back and take a deep breath. Look at the calender. There are still 11 games left on the schedule. Sure the Cowboys aren't playing their best ball, but they keep pulling it out. How has being really good at the beginning of the season helped us the last two years? It's all about December and January. Right now we look like the Giants did last year, and the Giants look the way we did last year. Although it's not time to give up, there are some things the Cowboys need to work on.

  • Pass Rushing - We might have 14 sacks, but that number is deceptive. Alot of garbage time sacks, very few that meant anything during the game. We need to get better pressure with our front four so that our cornerbacks aren't chasing someone for 10 seconds.

  • Secondary - Possibly the best secondary on paper. Once Newman gets completely healthy, they should start creating some turnovers. Pacman has really shown how much he has progressed during the Bengals game. If Anthony Henry hadn't blown two coverages, I don't know if the Bengals would've had a touchdown.

  • Run Blocking - Marion Barber is doing all he can. He is taking a beating and still giving it all he has. The offensive line needs to keep blocking just a little bit longer and harder. Felix Jones is faster, so the offensive line loves to block for him because they don't have to try as hard. That needs to be fixed.

  • Get Felix Jones the Ball - Felix has 244 yards on 27 carries. He's that explosive. If he doesn't touch the ball at least 15 times a game, you're taking away what he does best. He has the potential to be a Reggie Bush type back, without the fumbles.

  • Tough Skin - This team needs to show that all of this circus stuff isn't getting to them, but it might be. If it is, they need to not let it show. Hopefully Romo will become a leader. If not, we might have to wait just like the Colts did.

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

NFL: Week 2 picks

Consider last weeks picks a fumbled snap. I messed up. But like Romo, I'm gonna get back up and win some games. Here we go, without guessing the score.

Radiers @ Chiefs(-3.5) - I'll go with the Chiefs

Titans @ Bengals(-1) - I think the Bengals bounce back this week

Colts(-2) @ Vikings - Vikings give the Colts an 0-2 start

Saints @ Redskins - Saints

Packers(-3) @ Lions - After seeing the Lions run defense, can't pick em. Packers

Bears @ Panthers(-3) - Great game to watch, gotta go with the Bears

Giants(-8.5) @ Rams - Rams look worse than last year, Giants win big on the road

Bills @ Jaguars(-5.5) - Still not convinced on the Bills, I'll take the Jaguars

Falcons @ Buccaneers(-7.5) - Galloway comes up big for my fantast team, Bucs win

49ers @ Seahawks(-7) - I'll take the 49ers, Seahawks have no wr's or running game

Dolphins @ Cardinals(-6.5) - Upset of the week, I'll go with the Dolphins

Patriots @ Jets(-1.5) - Everyone thinks the Jets will win now that the Patriots have no Tom Brady, Patriots have enough around them to win this one. Patriots win

Ravens @ Texans(-4.5) - Both teams looked awful, i'll take the Ravens. I will not watch any of it

Chargers(-1.5) @ Broncos- Broncos hand the Chargers loss number 2. Broncos win

Steelers(-6) @ Browns - Steelers win

Eagles @ Cowboys(-7) - Won't be as close as everyone thinks, Cowboys win

Thursday, September 4, 2008

Week 1 NFL Picks

Wanna make some money gambling this weekend? Then you might not wanna listen to my picks. I have no idea what im doing when it comes to gambling. I do know the NFL though. I will pick every game for Week 1. I hope the aftermath of my picks won't be too bad, but im guessing i'll do very well this week. Scores will probably all be wrong, but i think margin of victory will be mostly right. Get ready for the 2008 NFL season.

Redskins @ Giants - Giants by at least 2 touchdowns. Score: 24-7

Bengals @ Ravens - Slight edge to Bengals. Score: 24-20

Jets @ Dolphins - Jets by at least 10. Score: 24-13

Chiefs @ New England - New England wins, question is by how much? Score: 31-10

Texans @ Steelers - Steelers will be money at home. Score: 35-17

Jaguars @ Titans - Physical game, Jaguars win. Score: 21-13

Lions @ Falcons - Lions will shock people this season. Score: Lions win 31-14

Seahawks @ Bills - I'll take a chance on this one. Score: Seahawks win 17-13

Buccaneers @ Saints - This is my slight upset. Score: Buccaneers win 28-24

Rams @ Eagles - Rams come back with a vengence. Score: Rams win 20-17

Cowboys @ Browns - Browns keep it close, but fall short. Score: 24-17

Panthers @ Chargers - Panthers have no chance. Score: 27-10

Cardinals @ 49ers - 49ers will upset here. Score: 24-21

Colts @ Bears - Colts win, i'll take a chance and say it's a huge blowout. Score: 38-13

Vikings @ Packers - Rodgers will play well, but it won't be enough. Score: Vikings win 24-17

Broncos @ Raiders - Raiders will never be in the game. Score: Broncos win 20-7

Thursday, August 28, 2008

Will Ron Artest launch the rockets to the second round?

How happy is Ron Artest? Decide for yourself.

Ron Artest - "Right now, I'm playing with two all stars, two future Hall of Famers in their prime. And I've gotten better. I'm better now than I was five years ago, even than when I got defensive player of the year. Everybody's in their prime. This is my best opportunity to put a ring on my finger and help Houston get another championship"

Sound pretty happy right? I mean why wouldn't a guy going into the last year of his contract, not say all of the right things? It's not exactly going out on a limb when you won't get any of the blame for not winning. If they don't get out of the first round of the playoffs, Tracy Mcgrady will hear it all over again. He should be hearing it. Maybe he'll wipe that sleepy look off of his face and wake up in the 4th quarter. Yao, Alston, Landry, Battier, Scola...they all do their part. Then they look to "T-Mac" to put them over the top, except that he disappears. But i'm getting away from my original point which is - Ron Artest adds nothing to this team. Some might say his toughness is what the rockets lack. I love toughness, but it has to be the kind that doesnt head into the stands. All Ron Artest has to do is not be involved in any fights, and be a good teammate. If he does that, he'll probably collect alot of money on what will most likely be the final "big money" contract of his career. Unless they go to the finals, the trade will be a failure. T-Mac and Yao have two more years together. If there's no championship after those two years, get ready for rebuilding time.

Dallas Cowboys Update!!!

Quick Update:

  • Miles Austin and Isaiah Stanback will miss some time. Austin about a month, and Stanback might play the opening or second regular season game.
  • Adam (Pacman) Jones has been reinstated by commissioner Roger Goodell. Making him eligible to play in the regular season, starting week 1.
  • Most important starters likely won't see the field thursday. This game will be to determine the backside of the roster. I will report anything important that comes from the game. Hopefully neither team will suffer a severe injury.
  • Doesn't that bobblehead make you wanna just eat Romo up. Looks like a big stick of vanilla. Just pour some chocolate syrup and grap a spoon. Jessica Simpson might try it with a fork though.

Thursday, August 21, 2008

Return Of Shawn Kemp

During his career with Seattle and Cleveland, Kemp averaged 16.9 points and 9.5 rebounds a game. He is remembered more for his incredible leaping ability rather than his 17 and 10 a game. I like to think of him as the original Dwight Howard. After a three year stop at Cleveland, his career fell far. He no longer had the high leaping ability and had problems keeping his weight down. His career on the court is often overshadowed by his life off of it. He's been arrested a couple of times for drug possesion and is the father of at least 7 children. (which means he has more that he does and doesn't know about) All these children might be the reason why he has signed a contract with the Premiata Montegranaro of the Italian League. Either he needs the money, or maybe he just misses playing. At 39 years old, it's hard to imagine that he is in good shape and still has amazing ability. His last year in the NBA was 02-03 and he averaged 6.8 points and 5.7 rebounds a game. Fast forward to 5 years later, i'd say those numbers can only go down. No matter how much i think he will fall on his face while attempting this comeback, i can't wait to see it. He was so much fun to watch everytime he stepped on a court. He had this tenacity about him that no other player had. He lacked so much skill from not going to college or developing his game, but his ability will WOW you. Once the season starts in Italy, i will be on youtube everyday to get a glimpse of Shawn Kemp playing basketball again. Never thought i'd say that.

Monday, August 18, 2008

Dallas Cowboys:Preseason Game VS Dever

A quick wrap up from the game saturday night.

The Good:

  • Zach Thomas looks like a man ready to get his career back on track. He had four tackles in just a few series.

  • Pacman Jones also showed alot of improvement by wrapping up on his tackles and getting up to game speed.

  • First team offensive line looked amazing. They stayed in the game the whole first half, giving both Tony Romo and Brad Johnson lots of time in the pocket.

  • Two Words: Felix Jones. He seems like he will become our WOW factor.
The Bad:
  • First team offense. Didnt put any points on the board. Had a few passes that were just a little off, otherwise we wouldve had two touchdowns.

  • First team defense. On paper the Cowboys defense is hands down the best. Saturday they showed their biggest weakness-not wanting to play. When they show up on gameday looking like they dont care and get down on themselves, it's a loss. Remember the playoff game last year?

  • Miles Austin. He has had a great camp and some spectacular catches, but he sprained his mcl. Looks like he might miss opening day. Hopefully he can come back and be a third option at wide reciever.
The Ugly:
  • Special Teams. Can someone call Bill Parcells and get Keith Davis back? Doesn't look like there will be anyone who will step up and make plays on returns. Everytime they kickoff or punt, hold your breath.

  • Brad Johnson. Now i know he had a great game, but it still looked awful. Without some great catches, everyone would be on his back again this week. Should've held on to Matt Moore or brought in Chris Simms in the offseason.

Friday, August 15, 2008

Beginning: World of Professional Sports

How would you feel if you had just won 8 amazing races in a row? What if after every win was a ceremony followed by a gold medal and your national anthem? I wanna ask Michael Phelps how he feels. My thought would be accomplished. I wish i could do something one tenth as important. Watching him brings people together. Watching any sort of amazing achievement makes you feel some sort of amazing feeling. I can tell people that i watched one of the greatest athletes collect alot of gold medals, while watching the accomplished look on his face while listening to the national anthem. Chills

A little information of the future of this blog. Alot of Dallas Cowboys stories followed by anything else sports. Any topic is fair game. Tomorrow night i will update with a wrap up of the Dallas Cowboys exhibition game. Stay Tuned and be sure to comment. Feel free to email me at