Saturday, September 19, 2009

Week 2 Picks!

I've found that picking teams is just too easy, so I'm going to include the spread. Should make it more difficult.

Raiders @ Chiefs-3

Texans @ Titans -6.5

Patriots @ Jets +3.5

Bengals @ Packers -9

Vikings -10 @ Lions

Saints -1 @ Eagles

Panthers @ Falcons -6

Rams @ Redskins -9.5

Cardinals @ Jaguars -3

Seahawks +1 @ 49ers

Bucs +4.5 @ Bills

Browns +3 @ Broncos

Ravens +3 @ Chargers

Steelers -3 @ Bears

Giants @ Cowboys -3

Colts -3 @ Dolphins

(Last week - 13-3)

Monday, September 14, 2009

Great Football Weekend!!

After all of the great college games with fantastic finishes, it was finally time to start the NFL season. The actual season opener was a good game, but I had little interest in it. (What the heck were the Titans and Steelers doing anyway? I thought they were about running the football?)

How 'bout them Cowboys? After a shaky half of football, they settled in nicely. The defense looked bad, but that could just be jitters or rust. Also, Demarcus Ware was shaken up and wasn't himself the whole game. I still trust the secondary, but the front seven needs to stop the run and put pressure on the quarterback. Let's hope that happens against the Giants, otherwise it will be an uphill battle the whole game.

I told my brother before the game that special teams was going to play a huge part in this game. The Cowboys didn't make any mistakes except for the muffed punt return, which they recovered. The kick returns were nice, and our new kick off man really knows how to put it in the back of the end zone. Great punts from McBriar along with a blocked field goal by Gerald Sensabaugh. (I predicted the block by the way)

The offense couldn't put a long drive together. I know Romo passed for 353 yards, but it consisted of 4 huge plays. Big plays aren't a bad thing, but they can't be relied on. All of that being said, this offense could become the best the organization has ever had. Once Felix Jones and Marty B contribute even more to the offense, it could be scary good.

Overall it was a great weekend. I won all of my fantasy leagues, but more importantly the Cowboys won. And as long as the Pats and Chargers win tonight, my season record so far will be 13-3. Who's ready for the Cowboys season opener?

Friday, September 11, 2009

Week 1 Picks!!!

TEN @ PIT - Steelers win a close one
JAC @ IND - I wanna say the Jags, but my head is telling me Colts. Colts barely pulls it out
DET @ NO - Saints win easy
DAL @ TB - Cowboys defense gets to the qb too much, Cowboys by 2 touchdowns
PHI - CAR - Panthers secondary is sketchy at best. Eagles win
KC @ BAL - Too much defense, Ravens win
NYJ @ HOU - I'm not buying the Texans, but they are better than the Jets. Texans win
MIA @ ATL - Too many weapons for the Falcons. Falcons win a close one
DEN @ CIN - The Broncos are a mess. Bengals win
MIN @ CLE - Running game and defense = win. Vikings
WAS @ NYG - Redskins surprise everyone and win
SF @ ARI - Cardinals squeeze one out
STL @ SEA - Seahawks win
CHI @ GB - Packers win by a field goal
BUF @ NE - 30 point win by the Patriots
SD @ OAK - Chargers win

Sunday, September 6, 2009

NFL Picks Are Back!!!

I'm going to start off by picking all of the division winners and wildcard teams.

  • NFC North - This division looks like it has 3 teams that could finish with 9 wins. I think I'll take the Vikings to win the division, but not because of Brett Favre. That o-line and defense is really good, and they have AP. I think the Bears will make a push and finish second. The defense is close to being where it was a few years ago, and I think they can score enough points to win 8 or 9 games. I'm not sold on the Packers the way most people are, but I could be wrong.

  • NFC South - Saints win this division. If their defense improves just a little bit, it will take them a long way. Atlanta finishes a very close 2nd. I think the Panthers will have a down year.

  • NFC West - It's so easy to just say Cardinals and dismiss the other teams. Which is exactly what I'm going to do.

  • NFC East - As a Cowboys fan, it pains me to type this. The Eagles will win the division. I just think that offense could be really really good. The Cowboys will finish 2nd though and the Giants will struggle with the loss of Burress, Toomer and Ward.

  • AFC North - Steelers win the division again. The Bengals will surprise everyone by finishing 2nd. Not convinced about Flacco and that Ravens offense and the Browns stink.

  • AFC South - Colts win the division. I'm gonna pick the Jaguars to finish 2nd, I think they bounce back this year. Titans take a step back and the Texans stay where they are.

  • AFC West - Chargers...and 3 bad teams

  • AFC East - Patriots followed by the Dolphins. Bills and Jets stay at the bottom

  • Wildcard Teams - Cowboys and Falcons in the NFC. Bengals and Jags in the AFC.

Monday, August 31, 2009

Fantasy Football

Calvin Johnson is the best reciever in the league. I don't care about what Fitz or Andre Johnson did last year, this guy is playing with nobody. He makes routes seem effortless.

So I got good news yesterday when I found out I had the number 1 pick in my fantasy league. I went the smart route and took Turner 1st. He scores more and doesn't fumble. With my next two picks I took Calvin Johnson and Marion Barber back to back. That's where I made my mistake. I should've taken a qb instead of Barber. My thinking was to wait and take Aaron Rodgers, but the person in front of me took him. I had to settle for Donovan Mcnabb and Carson Palmer.

I hate Donovan McNabb, so I probably won't even play him.

I'm gonna see if I can somehow trade him for Troy Aikman.

Dallas Cowboys Play Football

Did everyone see the reaction of Wade Phillips after Courtney Brown lost the game? It was the most emotion he has ever shown, but it might be too late.

Not only is Wade going to feel the pressure, Tony Romo will too. Witten, Williams, Barber, Newman and even Jerry Jones will hear the boos if things start to go bad. The only way the pressure gets smaller is by having young players step up and make unexpected plays. Maybe it's a Kevin Ogletree who makes an impact. How about Felix Jones? Think he has pro bowl potential? Maybe Jenkins or Scandrick become shutdown corners. I don't know if any of this will happen, but something needs to. This team has looked solid in the preseason and I think they will get off to another quick start. The schedule in the first five weeks is an easy stretch when you consider the teams they will play in December. They must use these early weeks to find their stride in order for them to make a push the last two months. I hope they can do it, but the realist in me says they can't.

Here is the last five weeks of the schedule:
  • Dec. 6 - @ Giants
  • Dec. 13 - vs. Chargers
  • Dec. 19 - @ Saints
  • Dec. 27 - @ Redskins
  • Jan. 3 - vs Eagles

Dem 'Boys could lose all of those games. I think they can win three at best. If they do win three, welcome to the playoffs. Could be 1 last shot for Wade to save his job.

Sunday, August 30, 2009

New Manager Anyone?

The Astros aren't very good. Actually, they're terrible. Here are just a few stats for you.
  • Runs scored - 12th in the NL
  • Home Runs - 13th in the NL
  • Walks - 15th in the NL
  • Strike Outs - 15th in the NL
  • Grounded into 122 double plays

Do those numbers sound good when you have Lee, Berkman and Tejada? Bourn has been the only consistent player this entire season. He gets on base, steals bases, and scores runs. So many of the position players have given the team nothing. Kaz Matsui has struggled offensively. Hunter Pence still hasn't been a clutch player at all. Roster fillers like Blum, Michaels, Erstad, Keppinger, and Coste have each had their moments this season. Too bad each moment lasted one at bat. When you waste money on veterans that can't deliver anymore, it's time to look at yourself in the mirror. Are you listening Drayton? All of these problems I mentioned are huge ones, and those are just on offense.

Lets take a look at the pitching. Roy Oswalt isn't the ace he was 3 or 4 years ago. It's been a steady decline. Wandy Rodriguez has been the only bright spot. I won't even go into the stats from the other starters because they are just horrendous. Ortiz and Hampton were a waste of time. Most starts looked bad before they could get 3 outs. Norris and Bazardo don't appear to be part of the solution either, although I'm willing to give them more time. Moehler has been good for a number 5 starter, which is what he should be. The bullpen has been beat up, but still unimpressive when healthy. Who knows what that bullpen looks like next year.

So is all of this the fault of Cecil Cooper? Absolutely not. Should he be fired? Absolutely. He has not gained the respect from his players and is constantly making odd moves as a manager. Have you ever seen anyone give up a walk because he wanted to face Hanley Ramirez? Makes you wonder. This team won't get better because change starts at the top. Don't resign Tejada or Valverde, and find out which one of the big three will go. It has to happen. I love Berkman more than my Dodge truck, but he is showing signs of declining. I met him once and he signed a ball for me, so I'd rather see Lee or Oswalt go to free up some money. Berkman is the smart choice though. Then once we bring up some young kids from the minors like Castro and Johnson, go out and sign some starting pitchers. (Randy Wolf and Ty Wiggington sure would have helped this season right!?) Coop should be gone and someone else should be in. I don't care who it is at this point, as long as it isn't someone from within. This is change I can believe in.