Thursday, October 16, 2008

Week 7 NFL Picks!!!

Last week I was 8-6. I did call the Rams upset though.

Chargers @ Bills - Tomlinson is looking better. I'm not drinking the Bills yet. Chargers Win

Saints @ Panthers - I wanna see this game badly. Panthers need to show life after a horrible game. Saints win

Vikings @ Bears - I don't know. Both offenses are terrible. I'll go with the Bears at home.

Steelers @ Bengals - Duh!!! Steelers

Titans @ Chiefs - Titans stay undefeated

Ravens @ Dolphins - Not much of an upset, but the Dolphins pull it out

49ers @ Giants - Eli Manning is the key to winning and losing. If he can keep the turnovers down, they will win easy. Giants win

Cowboys @ Rams - Everything points to the Rams winning. But i can't do it. Cowboys win barely

Lions @ Texans - Lions might go winless. Texans win

Colts @ Packers - Don't dismiss Peyton Manning. He still has alot of gas in the tank. Colts win

Jets @ Raiders - Jets win. Favre is on a high right now

Browns @ Redskins - Can the Browns win against the Giants and Redskins? Probably not. Redskins win

Seahawks @ Bucs - Bucs look great with Garcia and that defense. Bucs win

Broncos @ Patriots - Patriots bounce back. Patriots win

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