Wednesday, September 10, 2008

NFL: Week 2 picks

Consider last weeks picks a fumbled snap. I messed up. But like Romo, I'm gonna get back up and win some games. Here we go, without guessing the score.

Radiers @ Chiefs(-3.5) - I'll go with the Chiefs

Titans @ Bengals(-1) - I think the Bengals bounce back this week

Colts(-2) @ Vikings - Vikings give the Colts an 0-2 start

Saints @ Redskins - Saints

Packers(-3) @ Lions - After seeing the Lions run defense, can't pick em. Packers

Bears @ Panthers(-3) - Great game to watch, gotta go with the Bears

Giants(-8.5) @ Rams - Rams look worse than last year, Giants win big on the road

Bills @ Jaguars(-5.5) - Still not convinced on the Bills, I'll take the Jaguars

Falcons @ Buccaneers(-7.5) - Galloway comes up big for my fantast team, Bucs win

49ers @ Seahawks(-7) - I'll take the 49ers, Seahawks have no wr's or running game

Dolphins @ Cardinals(-6.5) - Upset of the week, I'll go with the Dolphins

Patriots @ Jets(-1.5) - Everyone thinks the Jets will win now that the Patriots have no Tom Brady, Patriots have enough around them to win this one. Patriots win

Ravens @ Texans(-4.5) - Both teams looked awful, i'll take the Ravens. I will not watch any of it

Chargers(-1.5) @ Broncos- Broncos hand the Chargers loss number 2. Broncos win

Steelers(-6) @ Browns - Steelers win

Eagles @ Cowboys(-7) - Won't be as close as everyone thinks, Cowboys win

Thursday, September 4, 2008

Week 1 NFL Picks

Wanna make some money gambling this weekend? Then you might not wanna listen to my picks. I have no idea what im doing when it comes to gambling. I do know the NFL though. I will pick every game for Week 1. I hope the aftermath of my picks won't be too bad, but im guessing i'll do very well this week. Scores will probably all be wrong, but i think margin of victory will be mostly right. Get ready for the 2008 NFL season.

Redskins @ Giants - Giants by at least 2 touchdowns. Score: 24-7

Bengals @ Ravens - Slight edge to Bengals. Score: 24-20

Jets @ Dolphins - Jets by at least 10. Score: 24-13

Chiefs @ New England - New England wins, question is by how much? Score: 31-10

Texans @ Steelers - Steelers will be money at home. Score: 35-17

Jaguars @ Titans - Physical game, Jaguars win. Score: 21-13

Lions @ Falcons - Lions will shock people this season. Score: Lions win 31-14

Seahawks @ Bills - I'll take a chance on this one. Score: Seahawks win 17-13

Buccaneers @ Saints - This is my slight upset. Score: Buccaneers win 28-24

Rams @ Eagles - Rams come back with a vengence. Score: Rams win 20-17

Cowboys @ Browns - Browns keep it close, but fall short. Score: 24-17

Panthers @ Chargers - Panthers have no chance. Score: 27-10

Cardinals @ 49ers - 49ers will upset here. Score: 24-21

Colts @ Bears - Colts win, i'll take a chance and say it's a huge blowout. Score: 38-13

Vikings @ Packers - Rodgers will play well, but it won't be enough. Score: Vikings win 24-17

Broncos @ Raiders - Raiders will never be in the game. Score: Broncos win 20-7