Sunday, November 23, 2008

Manning and Harrison

Do the Colts look like the team that won a Super Bowl two years ago? No

Is Peyton Manning having a great season? No

Does Harrison come out of his routes like he use to? No

Are the Colts still a Super Bowl contender? Yes

Going into tonight's game against the Chargers, Manning had 17 TD's and 9 Int's. Not too impressive, but good enough. Those numbers (plus what he did tonight) have been enough to get them a 7-4 record. With Reggie Wayne alongside Marvin Harrison, Peyton Manning will always be Peyton Manning. It has taken them a little while to get completely healthy, but it's coming around at the right time. People should be ashamed for counting them out. Manning and Harrison will go into the Hall Of Fame, and they will be remembered as one of the greatest duo's in history. They are the Batman & Robin of the NFL. (The comic books not the Batman & Robin movie)

When they get to the playoffs, are you confident they will lose because they have lost a step? Or will that championship experience jump out at you? I don't know if the Colts will make it all the way, but they have as good of a chance as any team in the AFC. Manning and Harrison can keep this going as long as they want, and I hope they will.
P.S. I called what happened to McNabb and the Titans

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