Sunday, March 22, 2009

Astros and Predictions

If only hitting was as important as hookers!

This offseason hasn't seen many changes for the Houston Astros. The nucleus of the team is still together with Oswalt, Lee, Berkman and Tejada. A few veteran additions have been added and are expected to contribute heavily. Ivan Rodriguez was signed to a one year contract and will have the every day catching duties. Mike Hampton will likely come in as the number 3 starter in a thin rotation. And the Aaron Boone situation isn't a good one. He was signed a couple of months ago but he will probably never see the field with his heart problem.

So how will the Astros do this season?

My guess is they will struggle. Other than the production they get from Lee and Berkman, everyone else is very suspect. Tejada is on the decline and Pence is still learning. They are going to need major contributions from Bourn, but who thinks it's actually going to happen? Our offense is better than the pitching though. Roy O is our number 1...then a bunch of number 4 starters. Wandy, Hampton and Moehler aren't very dependable. There aren't many other options either, the organization has always struggled with growing young talent. A number two starter is needed as well as some bullpen help. Brocail and Valverde are very good, but they can't do it alone. Wright had a good rookie year and will hopefully continue to grow.

This team is looking at 75 wins at best. Anything better will be a gift. If this team isn't in it at midseason, they should look to trade one of our pieces for young players. That is how you build a team, and this organization is just starting to figure that out.

Monday, March 16, 2009

Dallas Cowboys Update 2!

Most of this offseason has been painful for Cowboys fans. We've seen alot of players leave.

  • Terrell Owens - ( 69 rec, 10 TD's, 1052 yards last season)
  • Chris Canty - ( 37 tackles, 3 sacks last season)
  • Anthony Henry - ( 50 tackles, 1 Int last season)
  • Zach Thomas - ( 94 tackles, 1 sack last season)
  • Kevin Burnett - ( 38 tackles, 2 sacks last season)
  • Roy Williams - ( hurt alot last season)

These are the only notable losses so far. A few more like Brad Johnson and Tank Johnson won't be coming back, but who cares? Canty, Thomas and Burnett are replaceable. Adding Igor and Brooking makes us better at those positions.

Anthony Henry is a huge loss to me. He was so reliable. Started 15 games and made alot of plays in the place of Newman. If Newman goes down again this year, we'll have Scandrick and Jenkins as our starting cornerbacks. Each have only 1 year under their belt.

The biggest loss is (obviously) Terrell Owens. Some think it is the best thing that could've happened to this team. His production is still there, but so are his antics. I think that he was used as a scapegoat, but it had to happen. It says alot about our players when they let one guy get in their heads, but it also says alot about "the player". Roy Williams (the receiver) will have to step up and be the number 1 that we traded for him.

Dallas Cowboys Update!!

This offseason has been filled with many moves for the Dallas Cowboys. Some valuable players have been added to the roster.

  • Gerald Sensabaugh - 25 year old Safety ( 70 tackles, 4 int's with the Jaguars in 2008)
  • Igor Olshansky - 26 year old defensive tackle (29 tackles, 2 sacks with the Chargers in 2008)
  • Keith Brooking - 33 year old linebacker ( 102 tackles with the Falcons in 2008)
  • Jon Kitna - 36 year old quarterback ( played with the Lions in 2008)

If you look at the stats you would think that Brooking will have the biggest impact on the field this season. That might be the case, but his leadership in the locker room will be more important. He could still be a 3 down player and is an upgrade from Zach Thomas. Sensabaugh and Olshansky are both solid pickups. Sensabaugh might challenge for a starting job and Olshansky will be a nice fill in player after the loss of Chris Canty. Jon Kitna is a nice backup for Tony Romo. We all know that Brad Johnson played his way out of the league last year.