Tuesday, October 7, 2008

It's ok Cowboys fans!!! Calm Down!!!

Is there a such thing as a horrible 4-1 team? Span that out to an entire season and the team is 12-4, think that won't be good enough for the playoffs? Everybody just needs to step back and take a deep breath. Look at the calender. There are still 11 games left on the schedule. Sure the Cowboys aren't playing their best ball, but they keep pulling it out. How has being really good at the beginning of the season helped us the last two years? It's all about December and January. Right now we look like the Giants did last year, and the Giants look the way we did last year. Although it's not time to give up, there are some things the Cowboys need to work on.

  • Pass Rushing - We might have 14 sacks, but that number is deceptive. Alot of garbage time sacks, very few that meant anything during the game. We need to get better pressure with our front four so that our cornerbacks aren't chasing someone for 10 seconds.

  • Secondary - Possibly the best secondary on paper. Once Newman gets completely healthy, they should start creating some turnovers. Pacman has really shown how much he has progressed during the Bengals game. If Anthony Henry hadn't blown two coverages, I don't know if the Bengals would've had a touchdown.

  • Run Blocking - Marion Barber is doing all he can. He is taking a beating and still giving it all he has. The offensive line needs to keep blocking just a little bit longer and harder. Felix Jones is faster, so the offensive line loves to block for him because they don't have to try as hard. That needs to be fixed.

  • Get Felix Jones the Ball - Felix has 244 yards on 27 carries. He's that explosive. If he doesn't touch the ball at least 15 times a game, you're taking away what he does best. He has the potential to be a Reggie Bush type back, without the fumbles.

  • Tough Skin - This team needs to show that all of this circus stuff isn't getting to them, but it might be. If it is, they need to not let it show. Hopefully Romo will become a leader. If not, we might have to wait just like the Colts did.

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