Friday, November 21, 2008

Titans Fo Real Yo?

I think he wants another drink.

The Tennessee Titans might end up going 16-0. Going into the playoffs, it would seem that they are the team to beat in the AFC.

I don't feel as confident about them the way everyone else does. They have had a pretty soft schedule so far, but i give them credit for winning every game in front of them. They had some big wins against the Colts and Jaguars.

That defense is really good. I can't say it's the best though. They are around the top with teams like the Giants and Bucs.

Kerry Collins has been amazing so far. When their running game is stopped, he has delivered.

Does anyone think that is gonna last? When White and Johnson are running, they are pretty tough to beat. But the run game has already been stopped alot this season, and by lesser teams. Jeff Fisher is one of the better coaches in the league and I think that they will be competitive in every game because of him, but lets get serious about this.

Would you put money on it that they would beat Peyton Manning in the playoffs? How about those fiesty Patriots? What about the Jets and Brett Favre? I'm just saying that when the Titans can't run the ball in the playoffs, it will be trouble. All the teams I just mentioned will take advantage of them.

Would Vince Young change my mind about this? Probably not. Chances of them winning it all might get a little better because of his playmaking ability, but this team just doesn't have enough. They aren't the Ravens of years ago. They aren't the Bucs of years ago either. When they get some WR's and get that offensive line to play consistently...they will be the team that everyone thinks they are right now.

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