Friday, October 10, 2008

Week 6 NFL Picks!

Bears @ Falcons - Two teams that i'm not sold on, I'll give the edge to the Bears

Dolphins @ Texans - Texans came close last week, this week they will hold on. Texans win

Ravens @ Colts - Peyton Manning has to win this game. He will carry them. Colts win

Lions @ Vikings - I can't pick the lions ever again. Vikings win

Raiders @ Saints - Saints rebound from their horrible loss. Saints win

Bengals @ Jets - I'm on the Favre bandwagon. Jets win

Panthers @ Bucs - Gonna be a great game to watch. Panthers grind it out

Rams @ Redskins - Upset time. Rams will show that the Redskins aren't the team everyone thinks they are. Rams win

Jags @ Broncos - Neither defense has played that well. Broncos will put up more points though

Cowboys @ Cardinals - As a Cowboys fan, I don't know how they will react to everything that has happened recently. The Cowboys are a better team though. Cowboys win, but I wouldn't be suprised if it was a different outcome.

Eagles @ 49ers - Eagles win

Packers @ Seahawks - Seahawks are a different beast at home. They pull it out at the end

Patriots @ Chargers - Chargers must win, and i think they'll do so

Giants @ Browns - Giants are a complete football team right now. Giants slaughter

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