Sunday, December 7, 2008

I'm done with "them Cowboys"

The Dallas Cowboys just lost a game to the Steelers that was practically over in the 3rd quarter. Good going Romo. Good going defense. Good job coaches. Great ownership Jerry.

I'm done. You should have seen me when the Cowboys were up 10. I was running around screaming. That's how much I want them to win. That's how much I want Romo to win so that everyone will get off of his record after November. Not anymore.

I have always had high hopes, every game I watch. I'm not going to be disappointed anymore.

Some might say that I don't have it that bad, I mean the Cowboys have won 5 Super Bowls. I've never been a part of one. At least with the Rockets and Astros, everything doesn't depend on one game. It's a long season and alot of games in the playoffs.

I wanted Witten, Romo, Barber, and Ware to get a championship. But they have done nothing to deserve it. At least McNabb has won some huge games. I hate that guy, but he has done something the Cowboys haven't in a while. Almost every team has done something.

When they come on, I'll probably still watch them...but not like I did. It's not worth the disappointment.

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