Thursday, November 20, 2008

Donovan McNabb is Overrated!

If you turn on ESPN, listen to talk radio, or read your newspaper, all you will see is how everyone is drinking the McNabb kool-aid. Everyone thinks that Donovan McNabb is a game changer. With him in the lineup, they can't lose right?

In McNabb's career (which could be almost over after this year), he has accumulated these numbers.

  • 28,115 passing yards

  • 185 TD's and 87 INT's

  • 3000 rushing yards to go along with 25 rushing TD's

Do you know what kind of quarterbacks have those kind of numbers?

  • Mark Brunell has 31,826 passing yards. (More than McNabb) Brunell has rushed for 2,433 yards as well.

  • Trent Green passed for 28,256 yards.

  • Jeff Garcia has rushed for 25 TD's

I would've put Culpepper on that list but he had Randy Moss. These three quarterbacks are all very comparable to Donovan McNabb. Not much help around them, with good numbers.

McNabb has only had 3 seasons of over 20 TD's (his best with Terrell Owens). And to be completely honest, i can never remember McNabb leading his team to a victory in the last two minutes of a game. I do remember alot of games that McNabb blew though. (A monday night game against my Cowboys and the Super Bowl) Right now I could name 6 quarterbacks better than McNabb currently in the NFL.

  • Manning, Brady, Brees, Warner, Favre, Big Ben, Other Manning

McNabb is in the class with Romo, Pennington, Palmer, Cutler and Garcia.

He is a second tier quarterback. But when it is all over with, he will probably get into the Hall Of Fame because of how much everyone loves him. When in reality, he is nothing more than a 12 year quarterback that was never a winner. Terrell Owens, Brian Westbrook, Jim Johnson and Andy Reid made McNabb look really good. Puking with the game on the line and not knowing when overtime ends, make him look really bad.

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