Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Welcome back friend!

The Cowboys are 6-4. After listening to every damn person that put them in a box and poured dirt over it, I feel a sense of hope. I doubted the Cowboys organization, and I still doubt it a little bit.

A new feeling of hope is something i haven't felt in a while. (Since last years playoff game against the Giants) The injuries, coaching, signs of a desperate owner, missed tackles...it seemed like it would never end.

It has ended for now. These next few weeks i will most likely be rejoicing the victories we will have against the 49ers and Seahawks.

Unless we lose one of those games, my hope will be alive.

December will be the defining moment of this team. (Which is saying alot after all the things that have happened so far)

The last four games will determine alot of things.

  1. Chances of going to/winning the postseason

  2. How long it will be until that son of a Bum is gone

  3. Romo as a leader

  4. If Jessica Simpson really is a curse

But all of that worry will have to wait until after Thanksgiving. Go Cowboys!

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