Tuesday, October 21, 2008

It's Panic Time Cowboys Fans!!!

A couple of weeks ago I wrote that it's not time to panic. The Cowboys were 4-1 with a few little problems that could have easily been fixed.


At 4-3, it's still not time to completely give up. We're getting there though. Dallas has been outplayed by the Redskins, Bengals, Cardinals, and Rams. 2 of those teams shouldve been blwn out. It just proves what I said the day that the Cowboys announced the replacement for Bill Parcells.

Wade Phillips isn't a head coach. He is a great defensive coach, but can't be the leader of teh Cowboys. When there are no players that step up (Romo should step up vocally but doesn't) the coach has to squeeze everything he can out of a talented football team with no leader. Our defense looks puzzled in the secondary. The front four can't get any pressure, aside from Demarcus Ware. Our offense doesn't have any quick plays. No comeback routes, no quick slants. Nothing. Our offensive line blocks very well when they want to. On top of all of the problems, more problems get stacked on top.

Injuries to Romo, Newman, Williams (the safety), Hurd, Jones, Kosier, Watkins, Mcbriar...

I haven't seen any adversity these last few weeks. It has shown alot about this team, and these next two games will tell us if they have a chance to survive. Will they go down kicking and screaming? Or will they just go down?

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