Monday, September 14, 2009

Great Football Weekend!!

After all of the great college games with fantastic finishes, it was finally time to start the NFL season. The actual season opener was a good game, but I had little interest in it. (What the heck were the Titans and Steelers doing anyway? I thought they were about running the football?)

How 'bout them Cowboys? After a shaky half of football, they settled in nicely. The defense looked bad, but that could just be jitters or rust. Also, Demarcus Ware was shaken up and wasn't himself the whole game. I still trust the secondary, but the front seven needs to stop the run and put pressure on the quarterback. Let's hope that happens against the Giants, otherwise it will be an uphill battle the whole game.

I told my brother before the game that special teams was going to play a huge part in this game. The Cowboys didn't make any mistakes except for the muffed punt return, which they recovered. The kick returns were nice, and our new kick off man really knows how to put it in the back of the end zone. Great punts from McBriar along with a blocked field goal by Gerald Sensabaugh. (I predicted the block by the way)

The offense couldn't put a long drive together. I know Romo passed for 353 yards, but it consisted of 4 huge plays. Big plays aren't a bad thing, but they can't be relied on. All of that being said, this offense could become the best the organization has ever had. Once Felix Jones and Marty B contribute even more to the offense, it could be scary good.

Overall it was a great weekend. I won all of my fantasy leagues, but more importantly the Cowboys won. And as long as the Pats and Chargers win tonight, my season record so far will be 13-3. Who's ready for the Cowboys season opener?

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