Monday, August 31, 2009

Dallas Cowboys Play Football

Did everyone see the reaction of Wade Phillips after Courtney Brown lost the game? It was the most emotion he has ever shown, but it might be too late.

Not only is Wade going to feel the pressure, Tony Romo will too. Witten, Williams, Barber, Newman and even Jerry Jones will hear the boos if things start to go bad. The only way the pressure gets smaller is by having young players step up and make unexpected plays. Maybe it's a Kevin Ogletree who makes an impact. How about Felix Jones? Think he has pro bowl potential? Maybe Jenkins or Scandrick become shutdown corners. I don't know if any of this will happen, but something needs to. This team has looked solid in the preseason and I think they will get off to another quick start. The schedule in the first five weeks is an easy stretch when you consider the teams they will play in December. They must use these early weeks to find their stride in order for them to make a push the last two months. I hope they can do it, but the realist in me says they can't.

Here is the last five weeks of the schedule:
  • Dec. 6 - @ Giants
  • Dec. 13 - vs. Chargers
  • Dec. 19 - @ Saints
  • Dec. 27 - @ Redskins
  • Jan. 3 - vs Eagles

Dem 'Boys could lose all of those games. I think they can win three at best. If they do win three, welcome to the playoffs. Could be 1 last shot for Wade to save his job.

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