Sunday, August 30, 2009

New Manager Anyone?

The Astros aren't very good. Actually, they're terrible. Here are just a few stats for you.
  • Runs scored - 12th in the NL
  • Home Runs - 13th in the NL
  • Walks - 15th in the NL
  • Strike Outs - 15th in the NL
  • Grounded into 122 double plays

Do those numbers sound good when you have Lee, Berkman and Tejada? Bourn has been the only consistent player this entire season. He gets on base, steals bases, and scores runs. So many of the position players have given the team nothing. Kaz Matsui has struggled offensively. Hunter Pence still hasn't been a clutch player at all. Roster fillers like Blum, Michaels, Erstad, Keppinger, and Coste have each had their moments this season. Too bad each moment lasted one at bat. When you waste money on veterans that can't deliver anymore, it's time to look at yourself in the mirror. Are you listening Drayton? All of these problems I mentioned are huge ones, and those are just on offense.

Lets take a look at the pitching. Roy Oswalt isn't the ace he was 3 or 4 years ago. It's been a steady decline. Wandy Rodriguez has been the only bright spot. I won't even go into the stats from the other starters because they are just horrendous. Ortiz and Hampton were a waste of time. Most starts looked bad before they could get 3 outs. Norris and Bazardo don't appear to be part of the solution either, although I'm willing to give them more time. Moehler has been good for a number 5 starter, which is what he should be. The bullpen has been beat up, but still unimpressive when healthy. Who knows what that bullpen looks like next year.

So is all of this the fault of Cecil Cooper? Absolutely not. Should he be fired? Absolutely. He has not gained the respect from his players and is constantly making odd moves as a manager. Have you ever seen anyone give up a walk because he wanted to face Hanley Ramirez? Makes you wonder. This team won't get better because change starts at the top. Don't resign Tejada or Valverde, and find out which one of the big three will go. It has to happen. I love Berkman more than my Dodge truck, but he is showing signs of declining. I met him once and he signed a ball for me, so I'd rather see Lee or Oswalt go to free up some money. Berkman is the smart choice though. Then once we bring up some young kids from the minors like Castro and Johnson, go out and sign some starting pitchers. (Randy Wolf and Ty Wiggington sure would have helped this season right!?) Coop should be gone and someone else should be in. I don't care who it is at this point, as long as it isn't someone from within. This is change I can believe in.

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