Friday, August 15, 2008

Beginning: World of Professional Sports

How would you feel if you had just won 8 amazing races in a row? What if after every win was a ceremony followed by a gold medal and your national anthem? I wanna ask Michael Phelps how he feels. My thought would be accomplished. I wish i could do something one tenth as important. Watching him brings people together. Watching any sort of amazing achievement makes you feel some sort of amazing feeling. I can tell people that i watched one of the greatest athletes collect alot of gold medals, while watching the accomplished look on his face while listening to the national anthem. Chills

A little information of the future of this blog. Alot of Dallas Cowboys stories followed by anything else sports. Any topic is fair game. Tomorrow night i will update with a wrap up of the Dallas Cowboys exhibition game. Stay Tuned and be sure to comment. Feel free to email me at


Justin said...

Dude its eight now. He has been making five million in endorsements and peeps are projecting he will make 30 this year

Robert Carrell said...

Hey, Daniel cool lil Site you got going on here seems like something ill enjoy reading. Keep it up and Phelps is a beast lol