Monday, August 18, 2008

Dallas Cowboys:Preseason Game VS Dever

A quick wrap up from the game saturday night.

The Good:

  • Zach Thomas looks like a man ready to get his career back on track. He had four tackles in just a few series.

  • Pacman Jones also showed alot of improvement by wrapping up on his tackles and getting up to game speed.

  • First team offensive line looked amazing. They stayed in the game the whole first half, giving both Tony Romo and Brad Johnson lots of time in the pocket.

  • Two Words: Felix Jones. He seems like he will become our WOW factor.
The Bad:
  • First team offense. Didnt put any points on the board. Had a few passes that were just a little off, otherwise we wouldve had two touchdowns.

  • First team defense. On paper the Cowboys defense is hands down the best. Saturday they showed their biggest weakness-not wanting to play. When they show up on gameday looking like they dont care and get down on themselves, it's a loss. Remember the playoff game last year?

  • Miles Austin. He has had a great camp and some spectacular catches, but he sprained his mcl. Looks like he might miss opening day. Hopefully he can come back and be a third option at wide reciever.
The Ugly:
  • Special Teams. Can someone call Bill Parcells and get Keith Davis back? Doesn't look like there will be anyone who will step up and make plays on returns. Everytime they kickoff or punt, hold your breath.

  • Brad Johnson. Now i know he had a great game, but it still looked awful. Without some great catches, everyone would be on his back again this week. Should've held on to Matt Moore or brought in Chris Simms in the offseason.


Robert Carrell said...

Man, that sucks 0-2...but hey its just preseason and doesnt really mean jack...i havent had a chance to watch the boys yet but hopefully ill get a chance soon

Justin said...

Dude I am not saying this because i am your friend, but you should have your on column