Wednesday, January 28, 2009

An early look at the playoffs!

The Western Conference will still have the better games. Any one of the teams in the West could go to the finals. Sure the Lakers are the favorites, but other teams are very scary. Spurs, Suns, Hornets, Jazz, Rockets, Nuggets...I'd say that all of these teams have a good chance to come out of the West. How they match up against the elite of the East, nobody really knows yet.

The Eastern Conference is easy to figure out. There are a lot of teams in the East that are better than average, but not many have a shot at the Finals. We all know the two teams that will battle it out to get to the Finals. The Cavs and Celtics are way ahead of every other team in that conference. It's going to be interesting to see if Lebron finally breaks through in the playoffs.

A lot of scenarios, but we will mostly likely see a rematch of last season. Lakers vs Celtics. David Stern's wet dream

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